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Flipping the Classroom: CALL in K-12

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Hot Topics: Flipping the Classroom 






Hot Topics: CALL in Flipped Pre and K-12 English Instruction


Thursday, April 7, 2016, 8:00 - 9:20 am EST.

Room Holiday 4, Hilton Baltimore

To join the webcast, click here. Instructions on how to join the webcast are at the bottom of this page.


Time  Presenter  Title  Summary  Links to materials 
8:00-8:20  Christel Broady Removing barriers to learning for 21st-century learners   The presenter will conduct panel introductions, discuss why technology is important for English learners and how a flipped classroom removes barriers to learning in classrooms 
Hot Topic Session Tesol 2016.pptx  

Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D 

Screen casting tools for videos  The presenter will discuss how teachers and K-12 high school students can use google drive presentations with simple free screen casting programs such as Movenote, PresentMe, Knovio, SlideSpeech, Screencast-o-matic, or use Plotagon to create videos to teach, present, and document work-in-progress and the finished product for feedback in and out of the classroom.  DeutschCreateVideoTutorialsHotTopicsFlippedK-12.pptx  
8:35-8:50  Karin Heuert Galvão  Flipping the Jurassic World

The presenter will talk about a project she conducted with a school in Brazil, while showing how to use free apps and YouTube videos as resources to teach lexis in classes from 3 to 7 year old students. She will also demonstrate how to use these tools and these activities in class and at home. Karin will talk about how to create ways to involve the parents on the learning process, so they can actively participate as well as provide tech support for the little ones. 

 Karin Heuert Galvão_Flipping the Jurassic World.pptx
8:50-9:05  Judy Wong  Flipping Fables
The presenter will talk about creative ways to introduce the literary art of the fable to middle school age children. Judy will discuss using YouTube videos as resources to teach lexis and intercultural literature. She will also demonstrate how to use this tool and other free apps such as Powtoons to create followup activities in class and at home.






Presenter Bios: 

Christel Broady (christel.broady@gmail.com)  

An award-winning teacher, teacher trainer, and internationally known keynote speaker, author and co-author of books, articles, and social media, Christel Broady has been an recognized for her service to TESOL where she has been active in many capacities. Examples are President of KYTESOL, long-time board members responsible for KYTESOL's professional development and advocacy issues, TESOL chair of the world-wide Elementary Education Interest Section, steering board member of VDMS (Video & Digital Media), TESOL representative to CAEP and the national task force for the establishment of the Seal of Bilingually.  As a consultant, Dr. Broady is also working with professional organizations and school districts.   Dr. Broady runs a Professional Learning Community for individuals interested in English learning and teaching and culture.  It can be found on Facebook (Broadyesl), BLOG (https://broadyesl.wordpress.com), LinkedIn (Christel Broady), and Twitter.  It is free of charge for anyone who would like to join.  

Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D (nellie.deutsch@atlanticuniv.edu) 

(leadership, curriculum and instruction)

Nellie has been an EFL teacher in high school for over 35 years. She's faculty at Atlantic University in the MA transpersonal and leadership studies. Started using technology and CALL in 1992.  She specializes in teaching as a way to learn with video tutorials in blended learning and the flipped classroom using Moodle and WizIQ . Nellie organizes MOOCs (Moodle, Second Life, Healthy Living and Sustainability), webinars, and online conferences at Moodle for Teachers for free. She has been providing free Moodle training to teachers worldwide since 2006. She's on the TESOL CALL IS steering committee, IATEFL YLTSIG committee where she organizes monthly webinars (Adobe Connect) and maintains the SIG site, on the coordinating committee of EVO, and is on the planning and executive committee of EdMedia


Karin Heuert Galvao (karin@istudy.com.br)

Karin Heuert Galvão has worked for 16 years as an EFL teacher and 8 years as Director of i-Study Interactive Learning, a language school based in São Paulo, Brazil. She holds, among others, the CELTA and IH Certificate in Online Tutoring. She also works as an ELT consultant for schools, helping them find solutions for their EFL programs. Karin is a member of the Advisory board of EFLtalks and is always looking for opportunities to teach, learn and share ideas. 


Judy Wong (wongj477@newschool.edu)

Judy is a performing artist, a visual artist, a writer and foremost an English teacher to speakers of other languages. She began as a teacher in Pre-K-12 teaching academics through the arts and is currently an ESL Adjunct Faculty at a couple of Universities in New York City, USA with an active private K-12 student practice. Judy holds a BS in Liberal Arts /Teaching Academics through the Arts and a MA in TESOL from the New School University in NYC, USA.




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