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Online Course Development in MOOC's

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Hot Topics: Going Massive 


Online Course Development in MOOCs.



Hot Topics: Going Massive -- Online Course Development in MOOCs.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 8:00-9:20 am EST.

Room Holiday 4, Hilton Baltimore

To join the webcast, click here. Instructions on how to join the webcast are at the bottom of this page.


Time  Presenter  Title  Summary  Links to materials 
  Justin Shewell      MOOCs_1.pptx  
  Shane Dixon       MOOCs_2.pptx
  Maggie Sokolik  Creativity and the edX Platform is ________.    sokolik-evo-TESOL16.pptx  
  Deborah Healey  Canvas Network  This online platform is free to college, university, K-12, and some NGO/for profit organizations. Like all MOOCs, it has it pluses and minuses.  Healey-Canvas Network.pptx  
  Elizabeth Hanson-Smith  Build It and They Will Come: The EVO MOOC
The CALL-IS Project, the Electronic Village Online, has reached MOOC proportions with over 8,000 participants, but it has some unique features that retain its personal flavor.
Build it and they will come.pptx  



Presenter Bios: 

Dr. Deborah Healey teaches online (MOOC and smaller) and face-to-face teacher education courses at the University of Oregon’s American English Institute and Department of Linguistics. She is a member of the Board of Directors of TESOL International Association. She writes and presents extensively internationally on appropriate use of technology in language teaching. Her doctorate is in Computers in Education. She was Chair of the CALL-IS in 1991-92.


Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith was a teacher educator for over thirty years in China, Sri Lanka, Belize, Russia, and Egypt. She was formerly Coordinator of the CSUS TESOL Program and Chair of CALL-IS (1994-95). Author of books, articles, and software, she was Coordinator for 10 years of the EVO, and recently taught MOOCs for the US DoS and the University of Oregon.




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