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Strategies for Developing and Delivering Training Materials for ITAs

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InterSection: ITAIS with MWIS and CALL-IS 


Strategies for Developing and Delivering

Training Materials for ITAs



InterSection: ITAIS with MWIS and CALL-IS:

Strategies for Developing and Delivering Training Materials for ITAs


Thursday, April 7, 2016, 3:00 - 4:45 EST.


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Time  Presenter  Title  Summary  Links to materials 

Sarah Emory,

Language Development Specialist, Intercultural Communication Center, Carnegie Mellon University 

Creating and Sharing Materials for ITAs  This session will introduce the ITA-IS as a niche group which requires specialized materials. After introducing core competencies for ITAs, the speaker will give an overview of how to design targeted materials and how to best share them with other ITA practitioners.   PPTX handout available here: ITA Sharing and Creating Emory 

Dawn Bikowski, PhD, Director, English Language Improvement Program, Ohio University


Edna Lima, PhD, Lecturer, English Language Improvement Program, Ohio University


Developing the Supra Tutor: How to Create Customized Technology-Based Materials for your ITA Program

This session will feature a materials-writing case study of a customized online tutor that students can access for individualized pronunciation work. The SupraTutor was created within the Moodle Course Management System, but strategies covered in this presentation will apply to developing your own materials in general. Integrating your materials into your course or program will be briefly discussed as well.
PPT handout available here:ITA TESOL Lima Bikowski HO.pdf
Justin Shewell
Designing for Quality in ITA Materials Development  This session will feature technique to digitize, organize, and upload materials for ITA students to a variety of platforms.   Justin_ITA.pptx
Sarah Worthington, MA TESOL, Publishing Consultant (Product Development, Project Management, Writer and Editor), Tucson, Arizona
ITA Design Boot Camp This session will provide simple but effective design ideas for creating print and online materials that boost student comprehension, attention span, and recall. The speaker will provide tips for creating free or low cost materials that are visually engaging.   TESOL 2016 ITA Design Boot Camp Handout.pdf
4:30-4:45 Q&A      


Presenter Bios: 

Dawn Bikowski directs the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) in the Linguistics Department at Ohio University. With a PhD in Instructional Technology and an MA in Linguistics, her research interests focus on technology and language learning, and English for academic and  specific purposes. She is a past-chair of the CALL IS.


Edna Lima is a Lecturer in the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) in the Linguistics Department at Ohio University. With a PhD in Applied Linguistics and Technology, her research focuses on pronunciation and technology and ITA instruction.


Sarah Emory is a Language Development Specialist at Carnegie Mellon University's Intercultural Communication Center and the editor for the ITA Interest Section newsletter. She works with ITAs and other graduate students on improving advanced fluency including writing, presenting, grammar, and pronunciation sessions. 


Sarah Worthington specializes in the development of digital and on-demand materials for publishers such as Reading A-Z, Oxford University Press, National Geographic Learning, McGraw-Hill, Pearson and Education City. Previously she taught ESL in Philadelphia and Washington, DC and overseas in the Czech Republic and Germany.  


Justin Shewell is a Senior International Educator at Arizona State University, and the lead Instructional Designer for the Teach English Now! MOOC available on Coursera.org. He has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from Arizona State University and focuses on helping teachers implement technology into their teaching effectively, both face-to-face and online.


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