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Project-Based Learning: Pedagogical Possibilities for Online, Mobile, and Blended Learning

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 CALL-IS Academic Session


Project-Based Learning:

Pedagogical Possibilities for

Online, Mobile, and Blended Learning



CALL-IS Academic Session:

Project-Based Learning: Pedagogical Possibilities for Online, Mobile, and Blended Learning


Friday, April 8, 2016, 3:00 - 4:45 EST.

Room Holiday 4, Hilton Baltimore

To join the webcast, click here. Instructions on how to join the webcast are at the bottom of this page.



Project-based learning (PBL), a learner-centered approach to the active exploration of real-world problems, promotes the use of authentic resources, critical thinking , collaboration, alternative assessment in English language learning and teaching.  Discover how PBL can be facilitated in online, mobile, and blended learning environments by creating new possibilities for incorporating technology.  


Time  Presenter  Title  Summary  Links to materials 
  Jack Watson  Welcome and Introductions

Jack will introduce presenters and bios 



Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Project-Based Learning (PBL), Content-based Instruction (CBI), and CALL: A framework for English language teaching (ELT) and learning 

Christine Bauer-Ramazani will introduce Project-Based Learning as an approach in education that lends itself well to increased focus on content in English language teaching and learning while leveraging technology to accomplish the goals. Examples will be given. 


1-CBR-CALL-IS Academic Session-PBL.pptx  
3:20-3:35 Christine Sabieh  Blended settings provide effective PBL opportunities   Christine Sabieh will show how blended learning enables educators to provide learners with examples of language in real life content knowledge application. When students are given projects to carry out to assess integration of concept understanding and language communication, learning opportunities are diversified. The integration of PBL in blended learning settings is recommended.   Tesol 2016 PBL Panel - Christine Sabieh - Blended settings provide effective PBL opportunities.pptx  
3:35-3:50  Sandy Wagner  Project-based Possibilities in Mobile Learning Environments

Sandy Wagner will show how mobile learning environments and the devices that provide access to this type of learning support and expand on best practices and proven pedagogies for language learning.  Examples and recommendations will be provided.


CALL-IS Academic Session Presentation 2016 Sandy Wagner.pdf  
3:50-4:05 J. Elliott Casal  PBL in a community/business context 

J. Elliott Casal will describe a community project based learning context, the impacts this approach seems to have on learner development and engagement, and (briefly) the role of technology in bringing it all together.

Casal, TESOL 2016 CALL-IS Academic Session.pptx  
4:05-4:20 Christel Broady PBL in Online Teacher Education Courses  

Christel Broady will provide practical examples of PBL in an online teacher education program modeling the possibilities of authentic learning and collaboration skill for use in K-12 classrooms.  


Academic Session_3-23-2016.pptx  
4:20-4:30 Christine Bauer-Ramazani PBL, CBI, and CALL: Approaches to assessment  Christine Bauer-Ramazani will focus on alternative means of assessment using technology to monitor and evaluate student learning outcomes. Examples will be given.  5-CBR-Assessment-CALL-IS-Academic-Session.pptx  
all presenters 


Presenter Bios 
Christine Bauer-Ramazani 

Christine Bauer-Ramazani (MBA, MA, MEd) is an instructor of English and teacher trainer at Saint Michael's College in Vermont, U.S.A. Her specialty is integrating Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) into the classroom, which she has written about and presented on at conferences around the world. Christine co-founded the Electronic Village Online of TESOL and chaired the CALL-Interest Section of TESOL, receiving the D. Scott Enright Award for her service.She regularly teaches online/distance courses for TESOL as well as Saint Michael's College on CALL and curriculum and syllabus design. Her undergraduate business course, together with an adjuncted ESP support course, has provided much insight into and experience with content-based instruction.

Christine Sabieh     
Dr. Christine Sabieh, Professor at Notre Dame University, is an American who lives in Lebanon. Through her teaching, administrative posts, and research, she keeps up her interest in Language teaching, Educational Technology and Educational Psychology. An advocate of CAL and a Certified On-Line Instructor/Trainer, she does education consultancy, workshops, publishes, and participates in conferences on a national, regional and international level. She is a member of TESOL, serving as a CALL-IS Steering Committee member, and has been an active contributor to TESOL Arabia activities and publications and serves as Testing SIG member-at-large Committee member. 
Sandy Wagner     
Sandy Wagner is Associate Professor in the Directorate of Continuing Education at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.  Her experience in ESL teaching, mentoring, and training teachers in blending technology and language learning spans over 30 years.  She has served as chair for the CALL-IS Interest Section, Steering  Committee member, Volunteer coordinator, and Mini-Workshops coordinator.  Sandy has designed and facilitated numerous online courses, workshops and teacher trainings with a focus on incorporating language learning pedagogy and best practices in the use of technology resources for language learning in online and mobile learning environments.  She currently facilitates TESOL's PP103 Teaching Reading and Writing Online.
J. Elliott Casal    
J. Elliott Casal (MA) is a term instructor at Ohio University and Hocking Technical College. At Ohio University, he teaches academic composition courses within the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) and serves as the Coordinator of the ELIP Undergraduate Writing Lab and ELIP Graduate Writing & Critical Reading Lab. At Hocking Technical College he teaches English Grammar and Writing courses within the ESL program and English composition within the English department. His research and teaching interests include academic writing, English for Specific/Academic Purposes, and Corpus Linguistics, and he is always interested in exploring the educational affordances of new technologies. He will begin work as a PhD student in Applied Linguistics at Penn State University in Fall 2016-17. For questions and comments, please email him at jelliottcasal@gmail.com.

Christel Broady

An award-winning teacher, teacher trainer, and internationally known keynote speaker, author and co-author of books, articles, and social media, Christel Broady has been an recognized for her service to TESOL where she has been active in many capacities. Examples are President of KYTESOL, long-time board members responsible for KYTESOL's professional development and advocacy issues, TESOL chair of the world-wide Elementary Education Interest Section, steering board member of VDMS (Video & Digital Media), TESOL representative to CAEP and the national task force for the establishment of the Seal of Biliteracy.  Dr. Broady is also a consultant working with professional organizations and school districts.   Dr. Broady runs a Professional Learning Community for individuals interested in English learning and teaching and culture.  It can be found on Facebook (Broadyesl), BLOG (https://broadyesl.wordpress.com), LinkedIn (Christel Broady), and Twitter.  It is free of charge for anyone who would like to join. 


Jack Watson (TESOL CALL-IS Chair-elect) is the ELP e-Learning Coordinator at the University of New Brunswick English Language Programme in Fredericton NB Canada. With over 30 years of ESL teaching experience, Jack has served on the CALL-IS Steering Committee as Web Cast Development Coordinator and Electronic Village Classics Coordinator. 



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